About Kalyana Yoga Shala

Ottawa’s Kalyana Yoga Shala is a space that aligns with the rhythm and healing qualities of nature. Come to find the solace and surrender that awaits. Inside Kalyana be welcomed to a reception area that beckons this slower pace and invites the dissolution of tensions.  Beyond the reception area awaits the Lotus Room. It is here that you can flow with yoga into your Self, finding balance, strength, suppleness of mind and body, and the openness of heart.

The Lotus Room is an open and inspiring space that supports the benefits of your practice with calming colours, the relaxing glow of a fireplace, ceiling fans that gently stir the air, and sunlit natural cork floors that cushion your body. For additional comfort you will find boot mats by the door, heated floors, two clean and comfortable washrooms, the offerings of a warm cup of yogi tea, plenty of smiles, and the heartfelt warmth of a welcoming yoga community.

In the hurried pace of life many of us seek opportunities to slow down, to tune inward and tune out the busyness of life. The creation of Kalyana derives from our desire to offer a place where people can: connect with themselves and each other, reduce stress and worries, and find a balanced, happy wholeness. Living life feeling grounded, centred and peaceful. You will be guided by a host of welcoming Yoga Teachers from the greater Ottawa region  that bring a wealth of experience and expertise. Our teachers come from a variety of backgrounds and share the desire to bring the benefits of Yoga and Meditation from vast traditions to our community.

Many ask why the name Kalyana Yoga Shala and what does it mean?

The Sanskrit word Kalyana means something that is propitious: hopeful, that moves things forward to achieving goals. Yoga means yoke or union; the union within our world and within oneself. Discovering the harmony and synchronicity that honour all three parts of our being: body, mind, and spirit. Shala refers to a sacred space.

At Kalyana Yoga Shala, it is our intention to provide an environment of ease and a nurturing community that invites relaxation and supports a deepening of your yoga practice.

Kalyana Community Involvement
We come to the mat to develop our conscious awareness; at Kalyana we also encourage conscious living off the mat. Through the development of eco awareness, Karma classes, sippin seva tea donations, and special events we aim to raise funds and awareness to serve and help others. As we grow so shall our opportunities to pay forward to the Ottawa community as well as the global community.

Kalyana Services
In addition to our studio yoga classes, Kalyana Yoga Shala is pleased to offer the following services:

Onsite Corporate Yoga Classes
Guided by one of our qualified yoga teachers, yoga at your corporate workplace can be tailored to meet the needs of your employees. Bring a sense of well-being and vitality into your work environment, while giving your employees the tools to maximize their potential.

Private Yoga Consultations
Private yoga classes offer individual attention to beginner or seasoned yoga practitioners alike.  Consultations can be customized with your individual needs or personal goals. Kalyana Yoga Shala offers instruction in a wide range of yoga styles, including Pranayama and Meditation.  Whether you have specific health or physical concerns or would like a personal consultation regarding your yoga practice, we are here for you.

School Programs
Create an exciting afternoon or after school yoga experience with your students. We offer specialized yoga classes geared towards having fun and providing students with the tools necessary to live a skillful, happy and meaningful life. Contact us for more details on how we can bring yoga into your school culture.


Like the tide, I have come to the mat, back and forth, again and again, throughout my life. Yet, it was only until I took one of Anne’s Hatha classes (and quickly became a regular) that I have truly come to understand and appreciate the incredible gifts of Yoga. Anne’s compassionate and loving nature, skilful, intuitive teaching and hauntingly beautiful voice make her classes, rich and joyful oases of comfort, peace and healing.–Mary T., 56, Complementary Healthcare Practitioner Ottawa, Ontario Canada