Yoga Etiquette & Sage Guidance

Punctuality ~ Consideration of self and others

Please arrive to class early allowing you to be free of the stress of feeling hurried. The yoga centre is meant to be a refuge from the rush of our everyday lives. Leave the rush of the outside world behind you, enter Ottawa’s Kalyana Yoga Shala and begin to RELAX.

To aid in your relaxation, please arrive 10 -15 minutes prior to your scheduled class. Unfortunately, if you arrive late, you will likely miss the class as the doors are locked when classes are in session. The centre is locked for the safety, comfort and peace of mind of all in attendance.

Please ensure that you register (sign-in) prior to each of your classes. Pre-registration is available online and recommended but not essential. No access to internet? No problem. You’re welcome to register at the centre prior to the class start time. If you don’t know the class schedules, please ask. Please do not enter the yoga room until the previous class is completed and the door has been opened. The class before you may still be in session and in Savasana. Opening the door could disturb those who are in a state of relaxation.

Please turn off electronic devices and cell phones. Few things break the quiet and calm of yoga like an Eddy Van Halen ring tone in the middle of relaxation! If you have your cell phone with you as you arrive at the centre, please get in the habit of turning it off as part of your arrival ritual. Shoes off – cell phone off. Thank you ☺.

Leaving class during class
If you have to step out during class, please minimize the disruption. Quietly open and close the door to ensure that the peaceful atmosphere of the yoga room is not greatly affected. Time your breaks strategically. If this is a usual occurrence you may wish to situate yourself close to washroom exit.

Leaving class at the end of class
Please make sure; all that is in your possession is in fact yours. After Savasana, the brain being so relaxed often forgets. Take your time to gather your thoughts as well as your belongings. Believe it or not, I have had students leave class in the middle of winter without their boots. Yikes! Now that is one way of having cold feet!

Leaving class early
Savasana is the last pose of a class. It is an integral part of the practice as it allows the body and mind to lay quiet in total relaxation and integrating all of the good derived from your physical practice. At first, it may seem like lazing around; however, in this life of ours we rarely have opportunity to consciously RELAX. Our bodies and mind crave this. It invites us to find our centre and to rebalance. In Savasana, lying on the mat with your body still allows your breath and mind to relax and release any residual tension. Sometimes we are so relaxed in Savasana that it feels like floating. When guided to awaken, feelings of amazement, energy and peace flow balanced within. This is well worth 10 minutes of your time. Leaving during Savasana should be avoided as those who are there with you are committed to their practice and should enjoy the benefits of this pose free from the disruption or distraction of someone leaving.

Using a rental mat
Whether you are using your own mat or renting one of ours, please clean it using the eco-cleaner and towel provided. Cleaning the mats ensures it to be in pleasant condition and ready to serve you in many more downward dogs!

Didn’t like the teaching style?
If you don’t enjoy the first teacher you practice with, ask for recommendations and try another one. Let’s face it, we all have different tastes. Why wouldn’t we have different likings at the mat? The teachers at Kalyana Yoga Shala, are just like you and have similar differences. We welcome you to explore and discover the yoga that is right for you. If you find yourself in a class and you don’t like the teaching style use the opportunity to grow. Please remain in the class and respectfully complete your practice with the knowledge that you don’t have to take that class again.

If it’s your first time at Kalyana Yoga Shala, sign up for the introductory offer. It is a cost effective way to experience more than one class and enjoy various styles of yoga taught by a variety of qualified teachers.

It is hard to improve on silence.
Please… remember to keep your voices low when you are at yoga. Sound does travel and for those who may still be in class the voices in the reception area may be distracting and disruptive.

No scents make sense. Please avoid wearing any scented sprays or lotions.